5 Tips for More Clicks on Your Shopple Links

Lu Yin

Lu Yin

Shopple is the ultimate tool for Influencers & Creators to list all of their recommendations in one convenient place.

As you list all of your recommendations & drive traffic to your Shopple page (link out to other articles), the next course of action is to get as many clicks on your recommendations as possible.

Here are 5 tips on how you can get more clicks on your Shopple recommendations:

Tip 1: Use Catchy Product Titles

Here are some pointers for a catchy headline that gets clicks:

  • Keep it short! (< 8 words)
  • Mention the brand name
  • Mention what problem does the product solve
  • Promo codes or coupons

For example, in your list of fashion items, put in relatable brand names, styles, and promo details/promo codes so that your followers can instantly view them and click on the links for more details and purchase them.

Tip 2: Create FOMO with Your Recommendations

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Creating a sense of urgency gets your followers to purchase them on your favourite brands’ pages.

Showcase popular products that have limited time and one-off sales.

Include ‘Limited Time’ and ‘One-Off Sales’ in your product title so your followers will not miss out on them.

Be honest about the pricing of products, promotion details, and end date of sales.

In the next section, we explain the necessity to include captivating images that enable your followers to purchase before the promotion ends or recommended items sold out.

Tip 3: Use Eye-Catching Images 

Your followers will most likely click on your posts with text and images more than without images.

Shopple will automatically pull the image from your link but it may not match your style or be appealing to your audience. So having eye-catching images alongside your posts will get your followers to make their decision in adding recommended products to their cart and purchase them via your affiliate links.

Instead of using generic product images, upload images that relate to your unique tone of the content.

For example, you could take photos of the product from different angles such as doing a flat lay (taking photos from above) or taking of yourself using products in natural lighting.

You could also upload your designed images with captivating titles and call-to-action captions.

You can create a free account at Canva and use their templates. Ensure that you upload your high-quality images in 500px x 500px.

Tip 4: Create Lists & Visual Arrangements

Create lists of product recommendations by category or theme so it is easier for your followers to browse through product recommendations.

For tips on how to organize your recommendations into lists that get more clicks, check out our article here.

Think about what products your followers are most likely to purchase in various categories.

Most followers will look at the first three rows of products that appeared on the Lists so it is better to put your recommendations at the very top of the list.

Tip 5: Update Content Frequently

Ensure that you always have fresh content for your audience. If people don’t see new content they’ll eventually stop coming back. By simply having new content every few days you’ll encourage them to keep checking back.

Eventually, they will rely on your Shopple page for the latest updates on the products that you are promoting.

(Image Source: Pexels)

Create a consistent timeline in sharing your links on the Shopple page followed by letting your followers know via various platforms. Being active in promoting them will most likely increase traffic and engagement which helps you earn more money from your content.

You have learned how to create engaging posts that help your followers to shop for the right products, leading to earning more money from successful sales.

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