Feature Update: Display Personalised Shopple Page with Customised Header

Lu Yin

Lu Yin

Make your Shopple page more attractive by uploading images as your Shopple header.

Navigate to the image icon on the top-right corner of your Shopple page and click on ‘Change background’ to upload your image as your Shopple header.

The image size must be less than 4MB in JPG, PNG, TIFF, HEIF or WebP file

It is recommended to upload images of the following minimum heights to avoid stretching and misalignment. The width of images is 100% aligned with responsive devices.

DeviceMinimum Height

Once uploaded, the header will automatically adjust your image to the centre.

You can change or remove the header by clicking on the image icon.

Here are some creative ways to display your Shopple header: 

  1. Use headers to indicate double-date sales
  1. Create photo collages for context 
  1. Professional headers with your brand logo for social selling 

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