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Lu Yin

Lu Yin

The latest Shopple Discover Page lets you find the popular products other users have been actively sharing on Shopple!

Here’s what Shopple Discover Page is all about and how it helps you to boost your traffic and engagement with Shopple.

Navigate to the Shopple Discover Page

There are two ways to visit the Shopple Discover Page:

  1. By scrolling down to the bottom of your Shopple page
  2. By clicking on the three-line icon on the top left corner of the menu and selecting Discover.

Type of Posts on the Shopple Discover Page

On the Discover Page, we refresh featured Shopple posts by users daily based on the highest performing, popular and engaging posts. 

Scroll through the Discover Page, where new products will be added to the page daily.

Repost Your Highly Engaging Products Shared By Other Users

You can click on any recommended products shared by other users on the Discover Page or click on the post that directs you to their Shopple pages, where you will find more of their favourite products.

Click on the ‘Add to Profile’ on the post to repost it to your Shopple page. It will appear on your Shopple page like below.

Change Shopple Post Into Another List

The Shopple post you reposted will be on the ‘Everything’ List by default.

On the Discover Page, you can put the post in another list by selecting the “Change” button on the “Add to Profile” success message below the screen.

Your next selected posts you would like to repost will be added subsequently to the recently selected List.

Alternatively, to rearrange your Shopple post into another List, click on ‘Edit’ on the post and change to the desired List you had created or a new List.

Earn Commissions from Reposted Shopple Posts

If your Shopple post appears on the Discover Page, you will earn commissions when someone clicks and purchases the product.

Any products from Discovery reposted to your own Shopple page will be created and tracked under your Involve account.

That means you will receive commissions from the Discover post you reposted because this is tracked under your Involve account.

Reposted Commissionable Shopple Products

You will find ‘Commissionable’ in the description when you click on the product image of the Discover post you have reposted.

You may not have applied for the brand’s affiliate program if the product is not commissionable. Visit the Advertiser Directory on the Involve Dashboard to apply for your favourite brands you want to promote.

Discover more products for inspiration on Shopple Discover Page and share your favourites on your Shopple page.

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