Shopple has a brand new look!

Lu Yin

Lu Yin

We’ve updated our Shopple brand and design to make it even better than it was before! 

Let’s walk through what changes we made to the Shopple website.

A Completely New Homepage

We’ve made it easier to find out what Shopple is and how it can help you. 

Scroll down the page to find the user-friendly key features to create your persona & branding online.

Steps on how to make earnings are crafted into a visual flow for an easier understanding of how you can do affiliate marketing with Shopple easily.

With Shopple, you will have access to over 500 leading brands & marketplaces for you to add commissionable products to your Shopple page & earn from them.

Inspirational Ideas ‘For You’

Wanna bring your fashion style to the world? Are you looking to share life hacks and lifestyles for home & living?

Shopple has dedicated pages for various individuals with different niche product categories to help you make the best out of your Shopple experience.

From fashion trendsetters to home enthusiasts, Shopple has them right here!

Each dedicated page has specific details on how you can use Shopple features to your full advantage in featuring your ideas & recommendations to your followers on one page.

Discover niche brands for you to get started in promoting them.

Insightful Resources to Learn About Using Shopple

On the Shopple blog, we break down into the following sections to guide you through your social selling journey with Shopple:

  • What’s New – Discover new Shopple features & top-selling products to promote on your Shopple page
  • Guides – Learn ways to make your customised Shopple page & promote outside your Shopple page on social media & websites
  • Case studies – Find out how Shopple creators use their Shopple pages to maximise their potential and online earnings
  • Top Creators – Be inspired monthly Shopple creators with the highest engagement on their Shopple pages

A New User-friendly Shopple Dashboard

You’ll notice that your Shopple page will have a new look. Don’t worry, it still works the same but we’ve cleaned up a few things to make it a better overall experience. 

Make sure you connect your Involve account with Shopple to have all your links commissionable & trackable.

Using the Shopple dashboard has the following features that help build your personal brand, increasing more followers, traffic, engagement, and earnings.

  • Customised Shopple Page URL to share on your social media bio
  • Adding commissionable products with links to your customised List
  • Commissionable & trackable links – direct to Shopple Lists and specific brands’ product pages
  • Product videos to add & download through Shopple
  • Uploading your own images & videos to new & existing Shopple posts
  • Real-time page analytics & Involve Dashboard for your Shopple page performance
  • Shopple Metrics for individual posts – see which products perform better
  • View and withdraw your earnings through Involve account

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