Shopple Vs. Ecomobi – Which Link Sharing Platform is Best for Influencers & Content Creators

If you are an Influencer or Content Creator, you can earn affiliate income by simply recommending products to your online followers.

But you’d probably have a lot of products to recommend. So you’d need a way to easily list, categorize, and share your recommendations. 

There are many link-sharing solutions out there, and in this article, we will be comparing Shopple and Ecomobi. Which one of these two would be the best link-sharing solution for busy content creators & Influencers? 

We’ll cover 5 main points:

  • Which brands can you promote & earn affiliate income? 
  • How fast do you get your earnings via advance withdrawal?
  • Link sharing limitations
  • Can you automatically earn affiliate income from product recommendations?
  • Affiliate Marketing Analytics

TLDR: Here’s a breakdown of the main differences between Shopple and Ecomobi for affiliates.

Your Affiliate commissionsLazada & Shopee – Up to 12% commission

Other brands – Up to 15% commission
Lazada & Shopee: Up to 8% commission per successful sale

Other brands: Up to 15% commission
You can potentially earn more with Shopple
Available Brands to PromoteOver 500 brands (Shopee, Lazada, Nike, Adidas, travel sites, finance products)You can only promote & earn from products sold on Shopee & LazadaYour income potential is wider with Shopple as you can promote products out of Shopee & Lazada
Fast WithdrawalGet paid up to 15 days* instead of 90 days after a conversion

Minimum amount in the account to withdraw – RM80
On every 23rd of the month, based on your membership level, you will receive 30% – 70% of your earnings

Minimum amount in the account to withdraw – RM210
Shopple has a faster withdrawal with minimal requirements
Link Sharing LimitationsEasily share links to your audience any way you seem fit
– Share link to all of your recommendations
– Share a link to a specific
category only
– Share an affiliate link to a specific product
Share only one link to the branded Ecomobi pageUsing Shopple helps affiliates drive more traffic to their Shopple pages
Automatically Generated LinksAffiliate links can automatically be generated. Your application for joining the affiliate program will be automatically approved at Involve.Share any product links from Shopee or Lazada & it’ll automatically turn into your Ecomobi affiliate linkEcomobi has a slight advantage as it can automatically generate your affiliate link, but only for products from Shopee & Lazada
Affiliate Marketing AnalyticsShopple & Involve integrations give you powerful analytics where you can know:
Which of your marketing efforts are converting the best.

Know top converting products with the consumer insight feature.
Good looking analytics pageEcomobi has a better advantage in displaying data with graphs that help visualise the overall performance

Let’s dive into the detail of each point for Shopple and Ecomobi.

Which Brands Can You Earn Affiliate Income From?

At Ecomobi, you can only promote & earn affiliate income from products sold on Shopee & Lazada. 

Although you can filter based on the latest & featured brands and commission rates, Ecomobi doesn’t provide the following for affiliates to consider promoting them on their content:

  • Type of commission payout: Pay per sale or pay per click?
  • Campaign information: A summary to explain to the affiliate why they should promote this campaign
  • Marketing campaign terms & conditions
  • How long will they get paid for your conversion?

One of the most popular ways to earn affiliate income is to promote products sold on Shopee & Lazada. 

So let’s compare your potential affiliate earnings if you decide to promote products sold on Shopee & Lazada through Ecomobi Vs. Shopple:

Affiliate CommissionsEcomobiShopple
Shopee Up to 8%Up to 12%
LazadaUp to 8%Up to 12%
Other BrandsUp to 15%Up to 15%

Not only can you earn more with Shopple, but you can promote other products sold outside of the Shopee & Lazada marketplace.

On Shopple’s Advertiser Directory, you can see a massive selection of brands that you can promote & earn affiliate income from that you can’t do with Ecomobi:

  • Financial products (credit cards)
  • Travel (flights, hotels, tours)
  • Fashion & makeup products.
  • Tech gadgets

Here’s a glimpse of what you can promote & earn with Shopple:

Each brand has its Offer page, where you can find more information such as:

  • How are you going to get paid for your conversions? Per referred sale or each unique click?
  • How much can you earn per conversion?
  • How soon can you get paid for your conversions?

The cool thing with Involve is that you can get free graphical assets to help encourage people to click on your links.

Shopple helps you grow your affiliate marketing career with more options to promote & earn as you don’t want to be pigeonholed to only promote products from Shopee & Lazada.

Shopple is the clear winner in this category.

Fast Withdrawal Requirements

Here’s how different Shopple’s and Ecomobi’s fast withdrawals are:

You must earn at least this much to withdrawRM80RM210
Can you withdraw all of your earnings?Full withdrawal regardless of your membership level30% – 70% of earnings, based on your membership level
How soon can you receive your earnings?Up to 15 days* after conversion23rd of every month

Shopple and Ecomobi have fast withdrawals for affiliates to get paid within shorter validation & payment periods. However, each of these link-sharing platforms has specific requirements.

On Ecomobi, affiliates can only apply for advance payment when they have a minimum of RM210 in their account. Also, based on the membership level, they receive 30% – 70% of the earnings on the 23rd of the month.

With Shopple’s Express Withdrawal, you will receive payment up to 15 days* after the conversion. So you don’t have to wait for the Advertisers to validate your conversions and make payment in 90 days!

By having a minimum of RM80 in your Involve account, you can withdraw your earnings to your bank account via Wire Transfer or Paypal. There is no membership level requirement to get portions of your earnings. 

Shopple has a faster withdrawal with minimum requirements for affiliates.

Link Sharing Limitations 

As you will have many products to promote online, organizing your recommendations into categories would keep things tidy.

There will be a scenario where you want to share a link where it brings your viewers to different recommendations, such as:

A page with all of your recommendations

A page to only a specific category of recommendations

A link to a particular product recommendation

Ecomobi only allows you to share a link to the homepage of all of your recommendations. So if you want to direct your viewers to a specific category of your recommendations or a specific product (together with your affiliate links), you can’t do that—a huge oversight, in our opinion. 

However, with Shopple, you can share links to your homepage, a category, and even to a specific product that already includes your affiliate link to save you time. 

Here’s the table comparison:

Share a link to the recommendations homepage
Share a link to a category of your recommendations
Share a link to a specific product from your recommendations

WINNER: In terms of link sharing flexibility, Shopple wins hands down.

Share a Link & Automatic Affiliate Link Generation

Any links from available brands added to the Ecomobi and Shopple pages will be automatically generated into commissionable affiliate links.

Shopple lets you connect with your Involve account so that your links can convert into trackable Involve affiliate links.

Ecomobi has its affiliate program. After affiliates sign up with Ecomobi, they can generate affiliate links without applying for approval from available brands.

For Shopple, although affiliates need to apply for the available brands’ affiliate programs before sharing links on their Shopple pages, this approach shows the brands’ credibility in validating conversions and paying commissions effectively. 

Detailed Affiliate Marketing Analytics & Reporting

Shopple and Ecomobi have their tools to help affiliates optimise their content strategy and earnings.

On Ecomobi page, affiliates can view detailed reports (including real-time) with visual graphs that showcase the overall performance of promoting brands by source (where you promote), campaigns, countries, devices and Sub IDs. 

Shopple’s real-time page analytics lets you monitor the engagement of your Shopple page based on the number of views on your Shopple page, the number of clicks on product recommendations, and the number of conversions made from sales.

You can see your Shopple page performance via Shopple Click ID in Publisher Sub_1 & Advertiser Sub_1 by viewing your Performance and Conversion Report at Involve Dashboard.

Shopple doesn’t have graphs to visually display the following analytics but these reports helps you to create your next engaging content and select the preferred products to promote to your audience:

  • Total Clicks
  • Total Conversions
  • Total Sales (MYR)
  • Total Estimated Earnings (MYR)

You can narrow down your results by filtering to specific campaign types, campaign names, and Sub IDs. These filters help you track the conversions for successful sales of specific products made by online shoppers and determine which products did well on the Shopple page.

We also have the Consumer Insights Report that provides an in-depth view of how your audiences think and feel, especially products tailored to their preferences.

Offer Insights and Category Insights help you optimise your strategy in adding products with affiliate links that work well in driving earnings from the Shopple page. You can filter results by sales ranking, the number of conversions, and conversion rate.

Wrapping it Up

Both Shopple and Ecomobi have their pros & cons. However, from our comparison above, Shopple’s pros outweigh the ones from Ecomobi, therefore, we would recommend Shopple over Ecomobi for content creators & Influencers.

We hope this article helps you understand the differences between Shopple and Ecomobi for your affiliate marketing journey.

Interested in promoting your recommended products and earning affiliate commissions with Shopple? Click below to sign up on Shopple and link your Involve account with Shopple.