How to Withdraw Your Shopple Earnings

Lu Yin

Lu Yin

Great news, you now can see your Shopple affiliate earnings & initiate withdrawal of your earnings directly from your admin page!

Here’s how to view & withdraw your affiliate earnings from your Shopple dashboard:

Log in to your Shopple page and your performance & earnings stats will be visible underneath your bio.

Click on the total amount of earnings which will show a pop-up asking you to withdraw your earnings through your Involve account.

Click on the ‘Go to Involve’ button. It will log you into your Involve account.

After signing in, you will land on the ‘My Earnings Overview’ page at Involve. 

You can only withdraw your earnings if your ‘Available funds to withdraw’ amount is more than RM80. Click on the ‘Request Withdrawal’ button to request the withdrawal of your earnings to your bank account via Wire Transfer or Paypal.

All conversions must be validated & paid by the Advertiser before you can ‘Request Withdrawal.’ Depending on the offer, the entire process may take between 1 to 4 months from the conversion date.

If your ‘Available funds to withdraw’ is below RM80, you can select an alternative payment option to withdraw your earnings faster:

Type of WithdrawalHow Fast to Receive Money from Date of ConversionWhen can you withdraw?Withdrawal Fee
StandardUp to 145 days from the day of conversion (depending on offers)Withdraw after Advertiser validation & receiving payment from AdvertiserFree
Early Withdrawal60 days from the day of conversionWithdraw after Advertiser validated, but before we receive payment from themBased on your membership level
Express Withdrawal15 days from the day of conversionWithdraw even before the Advertiser validates your conversionsBased on your membership level

To request for Express Withdrawal, you will need to have the following in your Involve account:

  • Minimum of RM500 pending validations
  • At least 3 different Offers with pending conversions

If you are eligible for Express Withdrawal, click on the ‘Request Express Withdrawal’ button to apply for it.

That’s it! With the latest feature, you can easily view how much you’ve earned & withdraw your earnings from Shopple!

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