Create Your Engaging Posts with Product Videos

Lu Yin

Lu Yin

Instead of having static product images to go with your Shopple posts, include product videos to get online shoppers to view them & click on your posts to purchase your recommended products.

This will help increase click-through rates and earn more conversions when somebody purchases the product via your Shopple posts.

Shopple will automatically grab the product videos on posts when you add any links from sites such as Shopee & Lazada.

Let’s have a look at two examples of how to display posts with product videos on Shopple.

Lorraine Fashion shares must-have fashion items that online shoppers would purchase for various occasions such as business and casual.

She wants to add the top-selling fashion item under ‘Casual Weekend Outfit’.

Here’s how she creates an engaging post on Shopple.

To get her audience to view the product videos & click on her post on Shopple, she makes the caption:

  • Short – less than 10 words
  • Feature brand name
  • Include promo codes or coupons

Once done, she publishes her post with the product video on Shopple. Online shoppers can hover over to view the video.

In the next example, we are going to show you how Wow Tech adds product videos to create posts that showcase must-have tech products.

Wow Tech features a wide range of tech products, from audio accessories to smartphones, on the Shopple page.

To create a new post under ‘Audio Accessories’, he grabs a link from Lazada to highlight KULAA wireless earphones which are selling at an affordable price.

Similar to Lorraine Fashion, Wow Tech makes an engaging caption for his post so that it will grab online shoppers’ attention to click on the post & purchase KULAA wireless earphones on Lazada.

Wow Tech also mixes the latest post with the same type of products that has images and videos to provide more selections to choose from on the Shopple page.

Learn more about how to get more clicks on your posts with product videos here.

Product videos are the must-have assets to include for your Shopple posts & showcase how these products will benefit your audiences’ needs.

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