Simplify Online Finds: Vouchers & Coupons

Lu Yin

Lu Yin

Have you ever hesitated before buying something? The best motivation to push you over the fence is by giving away special promos & discounts.

Vouchers, coupons & cashback help potential buyers feel like they are getting something in return for their purchase, making their buying decision less painful. 

So if you want to get more clicks & conversions on your Shopple page, sharing relevant vouchers & coupons on your is the way to go.

In this article, we will take a look at how the ‘Hot Deals’ Shopple page got 1,934 clicks & 600 conversions in February 2022 alone.

Promote Popular Vouchers & Coupons on Your Shopple Page

Hot Deals, where online shoppers can find the latest and upcoming deals from popular online shopping websites & brands like Lazada, Shopee, Adidas, etc 

For Lazada and Shopee, Hot Deals adds in the double-date sales and popular categories (Home & Lifestyle and Electronics) which entice online shoppers to purchase and enjoy discounts, cashback and free shipping.

For example, you are going to promote Lazada’s upcoming double-digit sales. If you are not sure where to get the coupons, visit the Lazada website and check out their double-date landing pages. Find relevant coupons on those pages and recommend them on your Shopple page.

Hot Deals provides a range of specific brands to various niche audiences based on their needs.

  • Mobile Legends for gamers
  • ArtDesign for online shoppers looking for art interior items for their homes
  • Toluna & YouGov that lets followers earn money by giving suggestions in surveys
  • Invites online shoppers to download Sweatcoin which converts their steps into coins to spend on products, services and charities

Hot Deals actively share various brands’ deals on the Shopple page so that online shoppers will keep coming back for more deals.

Promote Your Shopple Page on Social Media

On the Facebook page, Simplify Online Finds, Hot Deals adds Shopple link on the About section where followers will immediately see the link when they visit the social media profile.

Hot Deals actively share the latest deals on Shopple and Facebook so that followers will come back for more. After viewing the Facebook posts, followers can scroll back to the top of the Facebook page and click on the Shopple link to browse more deals related to these posts such as the image below.

Followers will find more Shopee deals to choose from and shop online via Hot Deals’ affiliate links.

When adding links onto the Shopple Page, Hot Deals puts the following to get followers to click on the recommendations:

  • Short and catchy descriptions
  • Eye-catching images
  • FOMO tone
  • Create Lists for brands

View our article on how to get more clicks on the Shopple page.

Now that you see how active ‘Hot Deals’ promotes products that drive traffic, sales, and conversions to the Shopple page, it’s time to set up and make your Shopple page a one-stop destination to browse your recommendations.

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